Sunday, May 14, 2006

Lime Bodyshot thong Bikini

Our Exclusive line of one-piece thong bikinis will definitely get you noticed on the beach. Our Amazing suits are each hand-crocheted in one piece from our Original patterns found Nowhere else! Our super-stretch lycra thread creates a perfect fit in and out of the water, while never losing its shape.

$200.00 & up

Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Yarn Color Selections

Custom Yarn Color Gallery

Varigated/Multi-color Shades:

Tonal Effects ~ Gorgeous Tonal Blends of one Shade

Examples of Custom Bikini colors

Color #6185 "hot pink" & #3077 "Baby pink" were used to design this suit:

Color #5104 "light turquoise" was used to design this suit:

**Pick any color or a combination of colors (Example: body of suit in 1 color/trim in another color)by (#) above samples shown, and which style of suit you would like to complete your order**

*Yarn colors may show differently on certain monitors but are represented as accurately as possible*